TestAutothon 2024

A Hackathon for all the Testers | August 28, 2024 (Wednesday) at The Chancery Pavillion, Bengaluru.

A TestAutothon Is Like A Hackathon But For Testers.

On the day, you will be competing with the best automation testers to solve a unique automation challenge that will cover different architectural aspects of the system.

Test automation has taken a new dimension, extending well beyond the boundaries of UI, to the middle layer or back-end or test design automation. Any activity performed on a repeat basis triggers the thought of automation.


Automation is the need of the hour for organizations, irrespective of the industry or domain they are in. It significantly reduces time to market, increases coverage and assures delivery of high-quality products and services. Based on the changing technological trends, STeP-IN is organizing the TEST AUTOMATION Contest – Real and Live!. Do it, Show it and Brand it. It is an invitational contest for bright talents to showcase their best test automation solution addressing the challenges posed by the trends in technology, scalable framework, right effort and yielding right return on investment.

Contest Prize


a Cash prize of INR 1,00,000/-


a Cash prize of INR 70,000/-

Contest Details


50,000 /per team
  • Includes 2-days conference pass for STeP-IN SUMMIT 2024

Benefits of Registered Team:


Participants would implement an automation and integration workflow which may involve multiple test scenarios for a web application including Web UI scenarios (desktop & mobile) as well web service end point(s). Application(s) access and details would be made available only on the day of the contest.

Scenarios to automate will also be provided on the day of the contest

Bitbucket Or Github Or Any other too

Any tool preferred by the participant

Any tool preferred by the participant [eg- Jenkins, GoCD]

3 – 5 including a Team Leader

Every team should have one Test Automation Architect and one Team Lead

Network with the Best

Only the top 50 are in the room. You’ll never find a more powerful networking session.

For queries contact

Anil at +91 98230 64054 / Pinky at +91 72598 68993!
write to: conferences@stepinforum.org