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About Test Automation

Quality Engineering is an integral part of any development process, encompassing – Defect prediction, Enterprise-wide defect management, Continuous improvement, performance engineering, Operational engineering and Security Assurance.

Testing in the Digital Age – engineers need to focus on the customer, the business and the user experience and not just the defects. While every digital business relies on transactional and analytics system, the face of these businesses is code in the form of websites, social media posts and mobile apps.

Test automation has taken a new dimension, extending well beyond the boundaries of UI, to middle layer or back-end or test design automation. Any activity performed on a repeat basis triggers the thought of automation.

Automation is the need of the hour for organizations, irrespective of the industry or domain they are in. It significantly reduces time to market, increases coverage and assures delivery of high quality products and services. Based on the changing technological trends, STeP-IN is organizing the TEST AUTOMATION Contest – Real and Live!. Do it, Show it and Brand it. It is an invitational contest for bright talents to showcase their best test automation solution addressing the challenges posed by the trends in technology, scalable framework, right effort and yielding right return on investment.


Registration fee: INR 30,000/-

Winner Cash Prize

INR 1,00,000/-

Runner Up Cash Prize

INR 50,000/-


Details of the Competition

9:00 am:

9.30 am:

10:00 am – 4:00 pm:

04:00 pm – 5:30 pm:


Introductions and Rules

TestAutothon Contest

Jury Evaluation

Test Automation Framework

Details of the Competition

Registrations: INR 30,000/- per team which includes 2 days conference pass(August 31Aug-1Sep) along with contest on August 30, 2017 at Bangalore

Application: Participants would automate multiple test scenarios for a web application including Web UI scenarios (desktop & mobile) as well web service end point(s). Application(s) access and details would be made available only on the day of the contest.

Scope for Automation: Scenarios to automate will also be provided on the day of the contest

Automation Tool: Any tool preferred by the participant

Team Size: 3 – 5 including a Team Leader

Participant Eligibility Criteria: Must have one Test Automation Architect

Duration for Automation: 3 hours

Duration for Presentation: 15 minutes




  • Winner
  • Runner Up


  • Cash
  • Certificates


 August 30, 2017
09:00AM – 06:00PM
The Chancery Pavilion, Bengaluru, INDIA
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